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Central Alberta Western Style Dressage ASSOC.
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We have 2 fun days coming up, all at Fultonvale arena AB July 19 Aug 16 Fun days are from 10-4-ish 5$/test, snacks, water and coffee provided There will be no meetings in July and Aug. Next meeting Sept 24 at the Cobblestones. Meeting starts at 7pm


New Event Train The Trainers Clinic Hosted by WSDAC. Please see link for all the details.




Western Style Dressage

Rulebook© Defines the

Objectives Of WSD


1. The objective of Western Style Dressage is the correct development of the horse so that the horse becomes an athlete who is a pleasure to ride, who works in harmony with the rider. The result of this training is a horse that is calm, supple, loose, balanced and flexible. The horse is also confident and willing to perform the correct basics with little effort.

2. The quality of this training is seen in: a. The freedom and regularity of the gaits. b. The harmony, lightness, and ease of the movements.

c. The lightness of the forehand, and the engagement of the hindquarters originating from lively impulsion. d. The acceptance of light contact with the bit, and submissiveness without any tension or resistance.

3. The horse gives the impression of doing, of it’s own accord what is required. The horse will appear confident and attentive, submitting generously to the control of the rider.





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